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Health & Wellness

Top Reasons to Choose MEDI

Nationwide, our patients have lost nearly 3 million pounds using our physician-supervised program. Here’s why you should visit a location today (or tell a friend) and start adding to our pounds lost milestone –
1. Individualized Care: Our program is tailored to your medical and health requirements, and includes nutrition and exercise education, one-on-one counseling, and […]

Totally Losing It…Together!

If you and your sweetie-pie are both looking to shed some pounds and move toward a more healthy lifestyle, is it better to go it alone or to join forces in the quest for a better life? While there are certainly some challenges in tackling weight loss together, the benefits are far greater. Here are […]

Dining Out & Eating Smart

As the holiday season dies down, you may find yourself frequenting your favorite restaurants a little more often than you did in weeks before. Most restaurant owners will tell you they see a significant bump in traffic after the holidays. They attribute this increase in patronage to the fact that most of us want to […]

7 Steps to New Year’s Goal Success

Let’s cut straight to the chase – New Year’s Resolutions get a bit of a bad rap. From failed diets, to putting down nicotine, to the quest for more family time, the Resolution finds far more failure than victory. While it’s true that New Year’s Day is really just the same as any other day […]

Healthy for the Holidays

While the wintertime months can certainly fly by in a hurry, they can leave effects that linger well into the new year. It’s important to remember that continuing healthy habits and managing stress are also important even during the holidays!

Here are six tips to help you stay healthy and happy for the season.

Do Less, Live […]